Catherine Nabaggala and Henry Mugisha

About the Fellow:

Catherine was a medical by and Henry was a field officer.

Project title: Reducing the proportion of Art clients missing their counselling and Medical Review at 6 Monthly Visit at Taso Mbarara, Uganda

Project description:

A CQI team was formed at TASO Mbarara to coordinate the implementation of the project. Using Root Cause Analysis and Countermeasures matrix, causes of the problem and possible solutions were identified by the team. The root causes were inadequate client and staff sensitization, incorrect commence dates in commence database in the MIS and not conducting the review at the CDDPs.Countermeasures instituted were that both staff and clients were sensitized about the review through trainings, health education, sensitization workshops and CMEs the commence database was rectified and the review was conducted at the CDDPs.
Client sensitization increased client awareness about the ART six months` review and reduced on the proportion of clients missing their reviews. Staff sensitization improved staff knowledge about ART and the significance of the six months` review. Rectification of the commence database improved the appointment system for the review. All the above strategies reduced the proportion of clients missing their reviews by 31% hence decreasing the percentage of those who missed their six monthly counseling and medical review from 69% to 38%.

Note: A full report of the project can be obtained from SPH-CDC on request or directly from the Fellows.