Consolate Nyesigire and Resty Ingabire

About the Fellow:

Consolate and Resty were both working with Nsambya Hospital Home Based Care in the psychosocial department. Consolate was heading the social work unit whereas Resty headed the psychosocial support unit.

Project title: Improving Efficiency and Quality of Home Visit Services at St. Raphael of St. Francis Hospital Nsambya, Home Care Department

Project description:

Prior to the implementation of the project using the situation and fish borne analysis it was realized that 100% of acutely and chronically ill clients home visited were not receiving clinical and psychosocial care. This project set out to involve other cadres of health workers to constitute a home visit team that would provide clinical and psychosocial care, document standard operating procedures (SOPs) for conducting home visit activities, and establish an appointment system with clients to be home visited. In addition this project had to standardize the client’s Home visit direction form, develop supervision guidelines for home visit activities and design a home visit data base.

Their project led to the significant improvement in efficiency and quality of home visits by combining the team that offers clinical services with that which offers psychosocial services in Nsambya Home Care Programme. They also improved the departure time and these interventions led to the increase of clients found home from 53% to 70 % in four month.

Note: A full report of the project can be obtained from SPH-CDC on request or directly from the Fellows