Jerome Mugisha and Paschal Nsekuye

About the Fellow:

Jerome was the medical superintendent of St. Francis Hospital Mutolere Kisoro district and Paschal was also working in the same hospital and was in-charge of the Out-patient department.

Project title: Shortening the Time a Client Coming for Drug Refills (ARVs And / Or Cotrimoxazole) Takes to Exit Mutolere Art Clinic.

Project description:

Root causes to the delays were identified using the fish bone analysis. Interventions, with more focus on the pharmacy which had the longest delay, were introduced after sensitization of the top hospital management and the staff. These interventions included assigning triage to a nurse on clinic days, altering client flow, eliminating the need for clients to move back and forward within the hospital and introducing a new dispensing area for anti-retroviral drugs in the clinician’s consultation room. Another time and motion study was conducted four months later on a busy clinic day.
Their project led to a reduction in time taken by clients who come for drug refills (ARVs and Cotrimoxazole) at St. Francis Hospital ART Clinic Kisoro district. Time reduced from 105 minutes to 59.9 minutes a reduction of 43%.

Note: A full report of the project can be obtained from SPH-CDC on request or directly from the Fellows.