Ronald Kasyaba and Idah Ndyabanawe

About the Fellow:

Ronald Kasyaba was a senior medical officer in Kabale regional referral hospital and Idah Ndyabanawe was a senior nursing officer and head of Counselors ART JCRC.

Project title: Reducing Waiting Time for Clients Attending the Art Clinic at Kabale Regional Hospital, Uganda

Project description:

They worked on a project that led to the reduction of waiting time for clients attending ART clinic at Kabale Regional referral Hospital from 348 minutes to 220 minutes a percentage reduction of 36.8%. This however, led to increase of time spent at the counselors’ station by 21.7% and waiting time at the dispensary by 76.9%. Reasons for the long waiting times were attributed to Inadequate staffing, and long tea break times and a series of lobby meetings resulted in the recruitment of a medical doctor and a phlebotomist to fill the vacant posts at the clinician and laboratory stations respectively, while measures to provide break tea on-site at the clinic were initiated.

Note: A full report of the project can be obtained from SPH-CDC on request or directly from the Fellows.