Annet Kyarimpa

About the Fellow:

By the time of the implementation of the project Annet was the Medical Coordinator for Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU).

Project Title: Increasing the Proportion of Clients Testing for HIV at Reproductive health Uganda outreaches in Hoima district

Project description:

Annet together with the team carried out a pre-intervention assessment through client exit interview and staff self assessment at the start of the project to establish a clear starting point and a bench mark for assessment at the end; Capacity building of project staff in CQI through orientation of staff in CQI/QOC; equipping the outreach sites with enclosed tent to ensure privacy and two portable working tables key; and monitoring and support supervision to RHU Hoima.
The project brought about increase in the percentage of people counseled seeking HIV testing from 19% to 100%.

The number rose from 20 to more than 200 per month. Following the increase in clients testing for HIV, the branch in-charge advocated for including RHU-Hoima on the district/MOH credit line for HIV test kits and the branch is currently receiving free HIV test kits from JMS to meet the increasing client demands. Up take of condoms increased especially among young people. Collaboration with HIV care and support institutions in the district has improved HIV positive clients are referred to the district hospital and JCRC for continuity of care.

Note: A full report of the project can be obtained from SPH-CDC on request or directly from the Fellow.